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This page has links to all of the current IVI specifications, including specifications for drivers, protocols, SCPI, and VXIplug&play.

Specification Downloads

  1. IVI Driver Specifications
    1. Operating & Legal
    2. IVI Specification Generations
    3. Architecture
    4. Instrument Classes
  2. IVI Protocol Specifications
  3. Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI)
  4. VXIplug&play Specifications
  5. VISA Specifications
  6. Other VXIplug&play Specifications:

IVI Driver Specifications

IVI-1.2: Operating ProceduresWordPDF

IVI Specification Generations

What are IVI Generations?WordPDF
IVI Generations Baseline Summary and Compliance Equivalence TablesWordPDF
IVI Specification Revisions History SummaryWordPDF


IVI-3.1: Driver Architecture SpecificationWordPDF 
IVI-3.2: Inherent Capabilities SpecificationWordPDF 
IVI-3.3: Standard Cross-Class CapabilitiesWordPDF 
IVI-3.4: API Style GuideWordPDF 
IVI-3.5: Configuration Server SpecificationWordPDF 
IVI-3.6: COM Session Factory SpecificationWordPDF 
IVI-3.9: C Shared Components SpecificationWordPDF 
IVI-3.10: Measurement and Stimulus Subsystems (IVI-MSS) SpecificationWordPDF 
IVI-3.12: Floating Point Services SpecificationWordPDF 
IVI-3.14: Primary Interop Assembly SpecificationWordPDF 
IVI-3.17: Installation Requirements SpecificationWordPDF 
IVI-3.18: IVI.NET Utility Classes and Interfaces SpecificationWordPDF 
IVI-5.0: GlossaryWordPDF 
IVI-3.7: IVI Event ServerObsolete  

Instrument Classes

IVI-4.1: IviScope Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.2: IviDmm Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.3: IviFgen Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.4: IviDCPwr Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.5: IviACPwr Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.6: IviSwtch Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.7: IviPwrMeter Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.8: IviSpecAn Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.10: IviRFSigGen Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.12: IviCounter Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.13: IviDownconverter Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.14: IviUpconverter Class SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-4.15: IviDigitizer Class SpecificationWordPDF

IVI Protocol Specifications

IVI-6.1: High-Speed LAN Instrument Protocol (HiSLIP) v2.0 April 23, 2020WordPDF
IVI-6.2: IVI Interoperability Requirements for USBTMC SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-6.3: IVI VISA PXI Plug-inWordPDF
IVI-6.4: IVI File Format SpecificationWordPDF
IVI-6.5: SASL Mechanism SpecificationWordPDF

Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI)

The SCPI specifications, formerly maintained by the SCPI Consortium are now maintained by the IVI Foundation.


VXIplug&play Specifications

The VXIplug&play specifications, formerly maintained by the VXIplug&play Systems Alliance are now maintained by the IVI Foundation.

VISA Specifications

VPP-4.3: The VISA LibraryWordPDF
VPP-4.3.2: VISA Implementation Specification For Textual LanguagesWordPDF
VPP-4.3.3: VISA Implementation Specification For The G LanguageWordPDF
VPP-4.3.4: VISA Implementation Specification For COMWordPDF
VPP-4.3.5: VISA Shared ComponentsWordPDF
VPP-4.3.6: VISA Implementation Specification for .NETWordPDF

Other VXIplug&play Specifications:

VPP-1: Charter DocumentWordPDF
VPP-2: System Frameworks SpecificationWordPDF
VPP-3.1: Instrument Drivers Architecture and Design SpecificationWordPDF
VPP-3.2: Instrument Driver Functional Body SpecificationWordPDF
VPP-3.3: Instrument Driver Interactive Developer Interface SpecificationWordPDF
VPP-3.4: Instrument Driver Programmatic Developer Interface SpecificationWordPDF
VPP-6: Installation and Packaging SpecificationWordPDF
VPP-7: Soft Front Panel SpecificationWordPDF
VPP-8: VXI Module/Mainframe to Receiver InterconnectionWordPDF
VPP-9: Instrument Vendor AbbreviationsWordPDF

Note:  More information can be found on the VXI specification at: