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The VXIplug&play standards were originally created by a predecessor of the IVI Foundation called the VXIplug&play Systems Alliance. The alliance accomplished major improvements in ease of use by endorsing and implementing common standards and practices in both hardware and software, beyond the scope of the VXIbus specifications.

Integration into the IVI Foundation

The VXIplug&play Systems Alliance voted to become part of the IVI Foundation in late 2002 and the IVI Foundation Board of Directors voted to accept the merger in the spring of 2003. IVI has working groups that continue to maintain and enhance several of the VXIplug&play standards including the VISA standard for IO. Recent work has incluced:

  • Linux support
  • Extensions for secure communication with instruments
  • APIs in C, .NET, and LabVIEW.

The current, IVI-maintained VXIplug&play specifications are available at Specifications.