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About IVI

These pages will help you learn more about the IVI Foundation and IVI technology.

  • See Driver Overview to get an overview of IVI Driver technology and benefits.
  • The Architecture page describes the overall IVI Driver software architecture, explaining the major software components and standard instrument classes.
  • Instrument Classes specify standard APIs for common kinds of instruments to facilitate instrument interchange.
  • The Measurement and Stimulus page describes IVI’s Measurement and Stimulus Subsystem specification, which supports interchangeability in addition to that provided by common driver APIs.
  • Conformance explains IVI’s process for assuring that commercial drivers are conformant to the IVI specifications.
  • The SCPI page introduces the SCPI standard that specifies the command strings sent to instruments to control them.
  • The VXI_plug&play_ describes the VXI_plug&play_ standards that broadly apply to the VISA IO library and C-language drivers.
  • Finally the Member Resources page provides links to other web pages where you can to download  drivers, get
    application information and review IVI-related software products.