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.NET Shared Components Warning

A warning is generated when building a .NET project that includes a reference to “provisional” IVI.NET shared assemblies.

The IVI.NET assemblies included in the IVI.NET Shared Components are large and complex.  They have all required extensive development effort and review.  They have been “provisionally” released to IVI Foundation members for prototyping and development.  As IVI Foundation members verify each assembly by prototyping or developing and releasing a driver that uses the assembly, that assembly will be removed from “provisional” status to “production-ready” status.

If you see this warning, the referenced assembly is still in provisional status.  This means that

  • The assembly has been provisionally released for prototyping only.  No released drivers should reference this assembly.
  • The assembly will remain in provisional status until an IVI Foundation member has developed a driver that references the assembly, and has confirmed the quality of the assembly.
  • If it is determined, based on the work of an IVI Foundation member or other input, that changes to the assembly are needed, these changes may be breaking changes. Drivers (or other software) that reference provisional assemblies SHOULD NOT be released, as future changes could break the driver!
  • IVI Foundation members who would like to release a driver that references a provisional assembly must contact the IVI.NET working group to work through the process of removing the assembly from provisional status.  Non-members should refer to the Shared Components page for the IVI.NET Shared Components status.