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  • IVI Foundation Website Update

    The IVI Foundation is in the process of creating a new website. After several years hosting an active server pages website, IVI will be moving to a github hosted site.

  • June 2023 IVI Meeting

    We are holding our June IVI Meeting Monday, June 5 - Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at the Hilton San Diego Airport / Harbor Island, cost of the room is $205 per night with our LXI-IVI block rate.

  • IVI Updates for Secure Network Connections

    The IVI Foundation is responsible for numerous standards that facilitate creating multi-vendor test systems. Several of these standards have been updated to provide for secure communication between test system computers and instruments. These changes are:

    • IVI-6.1: High-Speed LAN Instrument Protocol (HiSLIP) has been updated to make secure connections using TLS (Transport Layer Security)

    • IVI VISA specifications had minor updates so VISA programs can specify and perform secure communication

    • IVI-6.5: SASL Mechanism Specification (New) was created to enhance interoperability between instruments and VISA libraries

  • Recent IVI Meetings

    This page has details of varfious historical meetings of the IVI Foundation. Although primarily of historical interest, some may be considered histerical.