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Upgrading to Windows 7 - How it Impacts your IVI and VISA Installations
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IVI Instrument Driver Fundamentals Course

In this two-hour class, you will learn about the types of IVI drivers, how to use them, and how to select between them.

Taking this class will help you get started creating test programs to control instruments and give you a better understanding of how to use the IVI features. The classes are open to the public free of charge at our IVI Foundation meetings in the US, Europe and China. Contact Bob Helsel, IVI Foundation Administrator, to get the date and location of the next course.

The course recorded in video sections and taught by Joe Mueller, Keysight Technologies, will be posted on this website by March.

To view/download the course outline, click here.


New Short IVI Getting Started Guides

We've divided the full IVI Getting Started Guide (current version) into short guides focused on specific ADEs.  Feel free to view or download the following:

Using IVI with Visual C++   
Using IVI with Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET 
Using IVI with LabVIEW  
Using IVI with LabWindows/CVI
Using IVI with MATLAB 
Using IVI with Measure Foundry                          
Using IVI with Visual Basic 6.0                            
Using IVI with Keysight VEE Pro


IVI Getting Started Guide Videos

IVI Getting Started Guide Video for Visual C++
IVI Getting Started Guide Video for Visual C# and Visual Basic.NET
IVI Getting Started Guide Video for LabVIEW
IVI Getting Started Guide Video for LabWindows/CVI
IVI Getting Started Guide Video for MATLAB
IVI Getting Started Guide Video for Keysight VEE


White Papers

Understanding the Benefits of IVI
by Kirk G. Fertitta, Pacific Mindworks


Autotestcon 2012 Presentations

Delivering Interchangeability and More
Designing Highly Efficient LXI-based Systems
Preparing for an IPv6 World with LXI Instruments
Raytheon Missile System Interchangeable Virtual Instrumentation Solution from 2004 to 2012
Simplifying Test System Development with IVI.NET
Leveraging IVI for Instrument Wrapper Development


Upgrading to Windows 7 - How it Impacts your IVI and VISA Installations.pdf

Click here to view/download "Upgrading to Windows 7 - How it Impacts your IVI and VISA Installations.pdf"


IVI Driver Assistance from Member Companies

The following IVI Foundation member companies have provided these links to help you:

  • Locate and obtain IVI drivers
  • Locate commercial software tools that simplify IVI driver creation and use
  • Find IVI technical information and code samples
  • Learn more about exciting IVI applications

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies Electronic Measurement Group)
Keysight Technologies provides IVI-COM drivers for its instruments as well as software for instrument control. Click to download Keysight IVI-COM drivers, get application information and review software products.

EADS North America Test and Services
EADS North America Test and Services supports the IVI Foundation and its goals. Contact our technical sales department to discuss how our Systems and Products can satisfy your IVI requirements.  

Keithley Instruments
Keithley provides IVI drivers for many of the world-class instruments that meet the production test, process monitoring, product development, and research needs of electronics manufacturers.

National Instruments
A founding member, National Instruments provides IVI-C class and specific drivers and instrument control software. Click for IVI information, application notes, and free driver downloads.

Pacific MindWorks
Pacific MindWorks is the industry leader in IVI driver tools, training, and development services. Read more about why the industrys biggest names turn to us.  

Rohde & Schwarz
Rohde & Schwarz provides IVI-COM drivers and additional tools for instrument control. Click to get IVI information, application notes, and free IVI-COM driver downloads.

The MathWorks, developers of MATLAB and Simulink, provides interactive tools for consistent instrument communication and control independent of hardware manufacture or driver.

Tektronix, a world leader in test, measurement and monitoring, provides IVI-COM drivers to enable efficient communication between open Windows oscilloscopes and other compliant instruments and software.

An industry leader in VXI instrumentation and system integration, Teradyne is committed to the support of open standards such as IVI, VXIPlug&Play, and XML. Click here for more information.

EADS NA Test and Services
EADS NA Test and Services provides standard-compliant software solutions for testing critical hardware systems. Our software products and services support the integration of IVI technology.

VTI Instruments
VTI Instruments provides driver support for all your functional test and data acquisition needs. Leveraging the performance and modularity of VXI has never been easier.


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