IVI Compliance Category:

IVI-C IviPwrMeter Specific Instrument Driver
Class Specification version: 1.00
Group Capabilities Supported:

Base = Supported
ChannelAcquisition = Not Supported
ManualRange = Not Supported
TriggerSource = Supported
InternalTrigger = Supported
SoftwareTrigger = Supported
AveragingCount = Supported
ZeroCorrection = Supported
DutyCycleCorrection = Supported
Calibration = Supported
ReferenceOscillator = Supported

Optional Features:
Interchangeability Checking = False
State Caching = True
Coercion Recording = True

Driver Identification:

Driver Revision: 1.0

Driver Vendor: National Instruments

Prefix: auml24xx

Description: Power Meter

Driver Release Information:

Original Release Date: 18-JUL-2008

Update Release Date: 18-JUL-2008

Hardware Information:

Instrument Manufacturer: Anritsu

Supported Instrument Models: ML2487A, ML2487B, ML2488A, ML2488B, ML2495A, ML2496A

Supported Bus Interfaces: Ethernet, IEEE488, SERIAL
Software Information:

Support Software Required: IVI Compliance Package 3.1, NI-VISA 4.2

Source Code Availability: Available

National Instruments has evaluated and/or tested this driver to verify that it meets all applicable requirements of the IVI specifications at the time this compliance document was submitted to the IVI Foundation and agrees to abide by the dispute arbitration provisions in Section 7 of IVI-1.2: Operating Procedures, if the IVI Foundation finds this driver to be non-conformant.